When we first moved into our resale 5-room flat in Balestier, we only renovated the living and bedrooms since the kitchen and bathrooms were still ‘liveable’. 7 years later, we were looking to refresh our flat but you can imagine the hassle since the reno is to be focused only on the kitchen, bathrooms and a new coat of paint for the rest of the house.

Most contractors we spoke to didn’t give us assurance that they will do the job with furniture and fittings still intact around the house. In fact, most were not accommodating to ‘interim upgraders’ and seems to prefer new or empty houses. We nearly gave up the idea of doing the reno until our friend recommended Dennis to us. He had also engaged Dennis for his own flat.

When we initially met up with Dennis, we were impressed with his professionalism and patience. We spoke about different design ideas and he actively contributed to what we now have as our dream kitchen. Over the next few meetings, we were able to establish the trust to engage his services.

The outcome was more than what we have asked for. Dennis managed the project well and the workmanship was fantastic. We will certainly recommend Dennis to anyone looking for a responsible contractor with great creative ideas.

Ken (Consultant) & Eunice (Home-maker)

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