Active Creation Interior has done a great job in the renovation of our new Seng Kang flat.The overall outcome completely took us by surprise as the workmanship was better than what we expected! Especially the flooring!

Dennis has been the most patient and accommodating person! We changed our mind a thousand and one times and yet each time, he cheerfully obliged. He also provided us with a lot of helpful advice and suggestions from choosing tiles to the carpentry work. He knew we had a budget to work with and he really helped us work around it. He is very honest and I trust him with our budget.

After completion and when minor issues occurred, he never failed to put things right for us in the quickest manner. Not a single delay.

Overall, the entire experience working with him has been great and stress free for us. We highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a responsible project manager/contractor.

Leonard (Financial Services) and Erica (Trading Assistant)

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