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It took us nearly 4 months to find Dennis and Active Creation Interior. Finally after talking to a colleague, he recommended Dennis to us. Dennis had renovated his place and my colleagues had only good reviews about him. We did ask around for quotes from other contractors before we finally decide on Dennis. The impression he gave us is that he is trustworthy and non-pushy. After he gave us his quote, he just left it to us to decide. If we had any questions, we’ll just call him and he’ll answer our queries. At no point did Dennis push us his service nor did he sound impatient. That is the main reason why he was chosen.

Our place is a 1200 sq ft apartment. We already knew how we want it to be renovated but the devil is in getting the details. The challenge for our apartment is that it has an air well in the middle of the apartment and we don’t want to cover over it. We still want to have air circulate into the house which means that together with the air, rain will also come in and be a major headache for us to contain. Together with Dennis, we explored many ways and finally found the perfect solution. The other challenge we have is that we want the house to be as open as possible which means knocking down at least 3 walls. Dennis was extremely helpful in getting a pillar for us immediately when he sees that one of the lintel needed support. His hackers were very skilled and knew exactly what they had to do which really gave us a peace of mind.

We were impressed also with Dennis’ wet works guy and carpenter. These are people who really know what they are doing. They are tradesmen and have pride in what they do. If something is not quite right, these people will rectify it themselves without having us to ask them to. We had at least 3 walls re-build, kitchen cabinets all re-done as well as 2 wardrobe made. The workmanship in these is the best we can see and we are very satisfied.

Throughout the renovation, we found Dennis to be patient and good tempered. The renovation period was supposed to be 10 weeks and Dennis handed over the project a week late. I heard from many of my friends that all renovation projects are never done on time so I am happy that ours is only slightly late. At the end of the day, it's the end results that matters. Dennis gave us this promise when we first started the project which is that he will rectify any area that we are not satisfied with. He stayed true to his words. Anything that we have issues with, Dennis will listen to us and try to accommodate as much as possible. We had problems with the electricians and plumber but we left it to him to deal with them. And Dennis does work things out. I think this is more than anyone can ask for.

I hope this testimony will be of help to anyone who is looking for a contractor. I know how important it is have someone you can trust work for you. Dennis is that person.

Wai Yew (Civil Servant) & Elaine (IPR Manager)

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